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Understanding Elder Fraud and How to Avoid Them


Scammers lurk online and offline. They can be nearby or hidden away from the authorities. And they often victimize vulnerable people, especially seniors. And being their private senior care providers, we must do something to protect our senior clients.

Below are some examples of elder fraud:

  • Romance scams
    This fraudulent activity is probably one of the most common scams nowadays. What makes this sad is that the elderly are only looking for love and companionship — but end up losing thousands of dollars from fake lovers.
  • Fake prize frauds
    Fake prize schemes often claim you have won the lottery or a contest, then ask you to send money for processing fees or shipping costs if the prize is non-monetary items.
  • Technical Support scams
    Scammers will call or message you about something not working on your computers or internet and commonly ask for personal information and remote access to your computer — only to find out you have given them access to your accounts too.
  • Government impersonation schemes
    Seniors often get harassed by callers using this scheme. And knowing how vulnerable the elderly are, fraudsters threaten seniors about getting sued by the government for not paying taxes and the like.

Getting scammed brings about shame, anxiety, and grief. But caregivers can help them remain vigilant about these concerns. With senior companion care, someone can watch the activities of seniors and educate them when they encounter such incidences.

Aside from their physical health, we, as companionship service providers, must protect seniors from emotional burdens caused by external factors like these.

PREVAL HOME CARE has responsible and proactive carers. And we aim to provide convenience and safe home care in Atlanta, Georgia.

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