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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors to Avoid Falls Outside


The more we age, the more prone we are to fall accidents. This risk increases further during the wintertime because the ground outdoors is usually very icy and slippery.

As a provider of private home care in Georgia, we specialize in senior care. Let us share our expertise on avoiding slips and falls during the winter months.

Take extra care in risky locations. For example, check the ground first before getting out of a vehicle because it may be slippery. Clear your walks even if it means asking for help from others. It’s worth the trouble to avoid a fall.

When you need to reach a certain place at a certain time, allow for extra time so you don’t have to rush. Walking fast during winter is a call for disaster. Furthermore, for better stability, change use a wider and slower gait.

Dress appropriately. Wear footwear that is well-fitted with good traction and treads. You can also consider buying ice grippers for your footwear. Wear warm clothing and gloves, so that in case you do fall, your risk of injury or exposure is decreased.

Consider senior companion care, especially if you have to go out alone. They can accompany you to your errands while keeping you safe from falls.

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